Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Write Way

As a kid, we always had all those crazy ambitions. I wanted to become a doctor, well a nurse actually coz I thought their uniforms were smart!, a librarian, coz then I could sit and read all those million books, a magician coz all those tricks impressed me infinitely and finally a writer. The first few ambitions whirled away as time did, but as I read and read and read I wished, I could write atleast one thriller in my life! However that writing streak just refuses to strike me.

I thought perhaps by reading all the tomes in the world I might just manage to get inspired and write realms of meaningful jibberish. However even after sifting through several Harry Potters, Roald Dahls, Jeffery Archers, Agatha Christies my mind stubbornly refused to comply in writing that best selling thriller.

I shifted to reading Newspapers and magazines hoping to become one of those awesome columnists who make their living out of writing those crazy or thought provoking articles. Well, did I succeed there??...naaah..negative again. Now what..my literary ambitions almost died. I had to hunt for a new avenue for inspiration..BLOGOSPHERE loomed large before me as I delved into the world of blogs. There are people who metarmorphosize the most mundane into acts of supreme excitement and then there are those who go totally mushy mushy in their blogs till u wanna puke, and then there are ones, who tell u all about themselves, their make ups and break ups, and then there are the professional bloggers who write for companies, write for brands etc. There is a huge wealth of information in those blogs that I get to know about.. Anyways, I reckon, writing is an innate talent, some have it, some don’t, no matter how hard they try to write that elusive story.. . No matter which side one falls, I reckon, its worth a try..who knows, wen the write chords ll be struck finally…