Monday, October 20, 2014

Healthy kids make for happy homes

As we peered over my little daughter when she was born, all we wanted to do was keep her happy! And we promised to ourselves, we would do the best we could to keep her happy always!

And then started the flurry of advice as we scurried around her for 24 hours a day. “Give her breast milk for atleast 2 years” said one. “Give her ‘Bal-ghuti’ to increase her strength and immunity” said another. “Tie a black thread around her hands and her feet to ward off the evil eye and keep her from falling sick”. “Sing the hanuman chalisa everyday to protect her from all ailments”. “Put a blob of kajal on her forehead, cheeks, leg, her eyes and near her hairline to protect her” Grrr…and turn my pretty little baby into someone unrecognizable, I muttered under my breath. “Nazar utaro so she always eats well” and so on and so forth!

By and by I realized that the main concern around a child is her health. An upset tummy, a small cold can delay her from taking the next baby step in her growth etc. are not good things! A child should never be sick but be always up and about ready to play, and hungry to eat! Breast milk provides great immunity, but the immunity needs to become only stronger once kids need something more once they start mingling with other kids when they get to school.

I have seen the tantrums kids this small can throw when it comes to eating the right healthy food. You may decide to give her amla juice everyday, but watch her squirt it right out at you and never drink it ever again! Try that with other herbs used in the popular ayurvedic bal-ghuti for the same result! I even tried masking the amla juice with her favorite strawberry jam but she was on the alert and there was no fooling her! And then, gave her a spoon of Dabur Chyawanprash which she mistook for jam and actually lapped it up quite happily, Amla and all! In exciting flavors of mango and mixed-fruit, this magic potion can increase immunity by 3 times and keep your child safe from those dreaded colds and coughs are so unpleasant and cause such discomfort. And you can watch your kid gulp down the Amla happily along with the range of other herbs that increase immunity.

Now that the October heat is on us, the weather is sultry and the mosquitoes are back! But this time, my little girl seems to be prepared.  As I watch her happily prance about in the park with the other kids, I know she will be well, healthy and happy.

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This post is written for an Indiblogger contest and is not entirely true! Dabur Chywanprash with all its health benefits can be given to only children over 3 years which I will when my daughter turns three!