Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Passions in life??


So, what are your passions in life?? That's the most dreaded question i face...Uhhh...well, passions in life??? 'Listening to music, reading books, and watching movies', the mundane answer loomed large before me. But am i really interested in any of the things mentioned in this prosaic answer?? Music..well, Radio Mirchi is realllly Okkk...i mean, not everyone is totally into music is it??(for u music fans out there, believe me, there are ppl like me who do exist).. Okkk...then, am i interested in movies?? Uhhh...not really..i watch only the bollywood masala, preferably SRK movies!..well, english movies used to come all dubbed in hindi, so never did prefer watching those..just stopped fancying them wen i watched jurassic park and heard 'Bhaago Bhaago, peeche badi chipkali aa rahi hain!!'

Collecting stamps, cars, football, cricket, painting, quizzing, philosophy, trekking, mountaneering, travelling, drama, dance, singing, guitar....welll, i hardly have a finger into any of these pies, so now what??? Am i a total failure??..I have no passions in life :( ..An entirely boring person?? Well, considering the fact that it leaves only books, and again, i prefer the racy Jeffery Archers, and Frederic Forsyths, to all that managerial gyan, that again leaves me with no decent mentionable passion that ll sound a mite impressive!

But well...theres hope...I do realise one thing about myself..What i do love doing is trying to be interested in all the things i ve mentioned. Maybe i m not so much into these today, but perhaps, i shall certainly develop a liking which might turn into a passion into one of these very things. The bottom line i reckon, is to try all there is in this world to try. You never know, what you might just lovvve doing and what you might have missed. So, I ve started listening to lots of music, watch lots of the arty movies (okk..i mean non srk movies) blah blah..though i havent got down to painting and collcting stamps yet, i reckon that still leaves a whole lot of things to be tried out there.