Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Umajoshi ye ye ye

Was just reminiscing about the good ol' days when we used to play those mast games and sing silly songs and clap along!
It used to be so much fun playing in the evenings till Moms had to come and drag us back home to have dinner and do our homework. And we used always shout out our friends' names to come and play downstairs!

"Colour Colour which Colour do you want"!! and then a scramble for the reds/blues/greens on whoever was wearing that colour!
This one was I guess, not too common...a mix of Colour colour and Dongar aur Paani (Land and water)...it was "Crocodile Crocodile, can we cross the river...Yes if you have Red!!"
Then there was Bachao Sakhali and Hide and Seek and a variant Stop Party, Langdi, Jhipri, the hot favorite Vish Amrit with various names such as Poison and Medicine, Lock and Key!, then there was an indoor, rather inside the building games Corner to corner, one to do with a hanky..with all of us sitting in a circle and chanting "I wrote a letter to my mother and on the way I lost it lost it lost it. The postman came and picked it up and put it in his pocket pocket pocket..",..Well I dont remember the rest!

Selecting the danner was another ritual...we went "Dip dip dip...my blue ship..sailing in the water, like a cup and saucer, dip dip dip"!
There were stupid ones like "In pin septi pin, in pin out.." and who can forget ganda songs like "Aada pada kisne paada, mamaji ka ghoda pada...!!..wont say the rest!", then a simple 10 20 30 ...100 (out), or putting our hands facing our palms or otherwise and y elling, Majority!!

And what about the clapping games we girls played...Alas I hardly remember all those songs except my favorite Umajoshi which come to think of it now, couldnt have been sillier!
It went ..
"Umajoshi ye ye ye
My mother told me sixty years ago
There came a lady knocking at the door
With a Ooh, Aah, I want some Pah!!(?)
The Pah is sweet, I want some Meat
the meat is tough, I want to go by bus
The bus is full, I want to go by bull
The bull is fat, I want my money back
The money is green, I want some cherry beans
The cherry beans are red, I want to go to bed
The bed is yellow, goodbye dirty fellow!!!"

the shortest one..."Aaa mina...clap clap clap....super sina...clap clap clap...big boys...clap clap clap...lazy girls clap clap clap...
Aa mina supersina big boys lazy girls ..Statue!!

Of all the Charlie Chaplin songs, I remember only one now..
"Charlie Chaplin went to town, to teach a lady disco dance
A knee, a Toe, A round we go
Salute to the king and Bow to the queen,
O V E R over over over, Statue!!!

Another fun game was "Who stole the cookies from the cookies jaar"...Number 3 stole the cookies from the cookies jar...who me, yes you, couldnt be, then who?...........

If u remember any more rituals and games and silly songs...do put them on!!



  1. u forgot about stappu, where we had the table drawn and we used to jump around. remember that one. i was a champ at that!

    1. :) Stappu!I think that was a mini version of our 'corner to corner'

  2. Hey Richa, First time here. This post really made me smile. :)
    BTW, do you remember 'Ham cheese burger, sauce potato chip chip chip'??

  3. Hi..guess, was still in the phase of eating vadapavs instead of burgers :) so don't remember that one!

  4. one we used to play was
    " Kyu re seema dhakka diya
    kisne diya dhakka diya "

    great blog

  5. ur blog made me nostalgic

    remember playing

    poshampa bai poshampa

    godha badam chai

    aoo milo shilo shalo

    budhi amma budhi amma kahan ja rahe ho

    jab miss mary choti thi

    aatkan batkan dahi chatokan

    1. I remember jab miss mary choti thi. The song was really long na. With actions and all!

  6. Awesome..post ladki... maaza aa gaya.. really! :) I smiled and giggled and laughed... and remembered.. and closed my eyes and went back to those times....kya boloon... i have no words...i m lost... :)


    1. Thanks Ayesha. Glad I could take you down memory lane.

  7. How abou "Oonch Neech ka Papda"

  8. i use to play all that richa mantioned i miss yaa......remember one more now
    " im a nut ,in a hut..i stole my mothers pocket but soo what..
    im crazy im lazy ..but im good"

  9. one more i remember..
    do do dussy a dussy dussy doo ..
    fisha reema ,i lost my shoe hey

    1. don't remember this one but sounds intersting

  10. Wow! Super nostalgic post, took back so many years. I remember most of the games you have mentioned here.

    There was Dog and the bone and among the silly ones, one that I can faintly recall now is the game that needed all of us to form a circle with a dadi amma cooking in the middle. Then all of us in the circle would say -- 'Dadi amma, dadi amma.. kahan ja rahi ho?' to which she would reply 'bazaar' and go out of the circle -- The game was to not allow her back inside the circle once she steps out of it, something of that sort.. don't remember properly?!!

    1. Haha. Dog and the bone was one of our favorites too. We had a revision of the Dadi amma. She used to reply 'Kapde dhone' and then lose all the kapdes and then she would question kidhar gaye to which everyone used to fabricate insanely wild reasons as to kidhar gaye! I don't know how the game even ended!

  11. Those are tickling memories. I'd skip all those endless akkad-bakkad and the lot. One that rings in my ears still was the chant that they'd break out after serious disputes in games. Preface: I was a bespectaled kid.

    Chashmuddin bajaye been,
    Ghadi me dekhe sadhe teen!"

    The bespectaled blows a bulbous pipe,
    His clock is stuck at half past three!

  12. This was beautiful....I have just had a daughter and now i just wish if I can play these bachpan ka all games with her..so much fun na...Just to remind u...there was also Akkad Bakkad bambai bo......

  13. uma joshi yeyeye
    means umajoshi come come come

  14. Aaatli baaatli futli.

  15. thanks for sharing...I was trying to remember the umajoshi song to tell my son about it..we both enjoyed it very much!

  16. Sal maka rum pum mary o
    mary o mary o
    Fire fire dip dip dip ( 2.... )...