Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Goaahhhhhhhhhhhh…Goaaa. .Thats where I headed to last weekend after a lot of planning that usually goes and went completely haywire, and eleventh hour decisions that saved the day.

Goa is the land of bountiful beaches, silvery sands and wondrous waters. The desert, I mentioned in my earlier blog was the fourth wonder. The ocean, I say with all its miracles is the first and the most formidable of all. All the other wonders I was speaking of, the vast mountains, the endless skies and the blazing sands are no doubt humongous stretches, but the Sea, has one more facet to it….it Moves. The waves crashing on to the shore, speak of a life in it..a life that is serene at times and utterly menacing at other times when it rages violent storms and tsunamis wrecking havoc everywhere.

Well it's not just the sea that we went to see there ofcourse. Its the vibrancy and vigour of Goa that pulled us to it. With water sports on Calangute beach, romantic candlelit dinners at the Baga beach, lazy afternoons at shacks at Anjuna, the picturesque Vagator and Candolim beaches gives pretty much everything that one would desire wrt beaches! The pulse of Goa is lively and spirited with everyone from the shack waiters to the watersports wallahs serving people cheerfully. Midnight sees all of Goa still buzzing with brightly lit streets, restaurants alive, shops still selling wares off the roads and zingy bikers having a gala time flitting from one beach to another on these conveniently rented bikes. So you see, its always party time at Goa! The Saturday night bazaar or the flea market as they call it, was another interesting experience, with more pardesis (mostly in weird clothes) than desis.

Goa certainly rocks…I can’t wait to have another trip! Go Goa!