Friday, January 09, 2009

The Fourth Wonder

It was a sunny afternoon when I discovered Beauty. I had considered three elements, the turbulent seas, the star studded unending skies and the imposing mountains as the most awe inspiring wonders I had ever known. That day I discovered the fourth. It was the hauntingly starved desert. I had seen the desert on television, the biggest it got for me was 32’’. When I saw the Waheeba Sands at Oman, I discovered another facet of nature previously unknown to me. It was as vaster than I could see, more beautiful than I had imagined it to be. There was so much sand everywhere. Humongous stretches of ceaseless sand were interspersed with shrubs that looked ravaged by the blazing sun. I saw Sand that had built itself into mammoth dunes which looked more like mountains to me, Sand that was so fine that it felt like water in my hands, Sand that formed beautiful waves styled by the wind, Sand which changed colors from red to white to brown as we changed course in the desert and Slippery Sands on which Camels walked on with ease. I was enthralled completely by the beauty of the whole vista.
On the few meanderings I have had in this life, I ve always been fascinated with all that is natural on this earth. The verdant hills, the majestic mountains, the blue seas, the winding rivers and many more, are far more scenic than any sky scrapers or monuments Man could have ever built. Perhaps there is a certain power, a certain life to all that is natural. The sea moves like most other living beings or even the supposedly still desert, has sands that keep shifting and sandstorms that are a powerful force. Hats off to this great Power!

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