Sunday, April 29, 2007

Customer is king!!


Customer is king..or queen…screams every marketing book there is. Customers can just not be taken for granted. Each customer contributes to a companies revenues which makes them the goliaths that they are.

I had a really annoying experience with the new Hutch connection that I had taken up. First, my caller identification service was barred and then... so were my outgoing calls…and this after submitting my documents twice and once even in the official hutch shop! And to add to my indignation, the pesky customer care officials harped on the fact that I needed to confirm that my docs were submitted. Getting to the customer care officials was a mammoth task in itself, with the lines busy forever and then listening to them blaming the hapless me was abominable.

But then customer is king right???....Where did all that evaporate?? I m supposed to be valuable and empowered…Hutch wouldn’t like to really lose me. Keeping my faith in Kotler I spoke to a senior official who mollified me and set things in working order. Phew!! Customer is indeed King!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I wonder how life would have been had google not been invented, Microsoft Office didn’t exist, Orkut hadn’t come into existence and neither had Yahoo Messenger or Google talk…Imagine doing an MBA without these!! At office it is Ctrl C and Ctrl V all through the day with me grappling with the Brilliant MS Excel..F 1 is my lifeline as I discover Data Validation, Macros, Advanced Filters, Solvers, Mathematical functions, Statistical functions and seek to complicate simple matters!

*Iwantthispresentation.ppt……….Hit GO… and voila…Google digs out all the presentations in the world for me to CCP for my classroom presentation ;-). Caution…there are always others doing the same thing in have to tweak the presentations here and there. Online assignments are a pleasure to copy. All that needs to be done is to change the name of the file before submitting it! Orkutting and bitching abt lectures from one end of the wifi classroom to the other end is another good pastime.

Where is this internet age leading to?? Hasn’t it severely mutilated our ability to think?? …any damn thing that we are expected to think of is thoroughly googled and ideas sought out…Preconceived ideas mar new ones and severly narrow the realms of ones perspective. Gone are the days of the wildest of imagination.. Creativity does not stem from google..Google indeed is a powerful tool for all the information sought but at the end of the day, it ll remain information, never a new idea. An assignment at the end of the day is about new inputs, not old battered ideas. Young brains are sought at companies because they are supposedly teeming with ideas, not because they are search engines..Computers without brains are purchased for that.

The feel of the crinkly paper from the envelope with different stamps has now been replaced with impersonal emails..sadly even those have been replaced by Scraps that are for everyone to see. Now the only place where we do write is during exams..grumbling all along, how much faster typing out exam papers would have been! Now break ups, resignations, pink slips are all doled out using the ubiquitous email..a service that prevents any personal contact between the parties.. ......

Anways, I ve no time for more…I ve to check my orkut and chat with ppl I hardly talk to besides of course googling for this silly assignment that we have to submit tomorrow. Adios!!