Sunday, April 29, 2007

Customer is king!!


Customer is king..or queen…screams every marketing book there is. Customers can just not be taken for granted. Each customer contributes to a companies revenues which makes them the goliaths that they are.

I had a really annoying experience with the new Hutch connection that I had taken up. First, my caller identification service was barred and then... so were my outgoing calls…and this after submitting my documents twice and once even in the official hutch shop! And to add to my indignation, the pesky customer care officials harped on the fact that I needed to confirm that my docs were submitted. Getting to the customer care officials was a mammoth task in itself, with the lines busy forever and then listening to them blaming the hapless me was abominable.

But then customer is king right???....Where did all that evaporate?? I m supposed to be valuable and empowered…Hutch wouldn’t like to really lose me. Keeping my faith in Kotler I spoke to a senior official who mollified me and set things in working order. Phew!! Customer is indeed King!

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