Saturday, September 29, 2007


Random Ramblings

INDIAAAAAAAAAAAA…..INDIA echoed the shouts of one and all during the nail biting fight to the finish between India and Pakistan. Nothing unites India like cricket does. Generations X, Y, Z, A, B, C.., the rich the poor, everyone exults in the victory of the Indian cricket team. Be it the shoe polish wala who vows to polish 1000 pairs of shoes for free if the cricket team wins to the rich corporate who promises to dole out humongous sums of money to charity or the Indian cricket team if they win or the housewife who does a puja everyday and begs God to let India win or infact does a puja of the cricket team itself(!), It was humorous to see at several Ganesha Pandals, Aartis being done with utter devoutness, not of Lord Ganesha but of huge posters and TV screens of THE Indian Cricket team, and coconuts being broken as THE MATCH commenced.

When the last catch was taken, all India went into a frenzy, shouts and crackers went off in every upmarket locality, the local mohallas, the streets were jampacked with a nation gone crazy with euphoria. Everyone was smiling, celebrating.

I only wish this unity was shown by the nation in more areas than just cricket. Nobody took to the streets in protest when there were blasts at Mumbai, Hyderabad, no one demanded more action from the government who according to reports has hardly spruced up security. We Indians, share our joy together, but shouldn’t the citizens of India also share the sorrows?

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