Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The flip side of being an MBA

"Daag acche hain". I was busy marvelling at the Surf Campaign and admiring the use of Kids in the ad and the apt tag line while watching TV with Mum. She as usual started changing the channel to some other serial with the start of the commercial break when i asked her to watch the ads. "I wish you watched TV more normally", she sighed when i started analysing the ads i was watching apart from commenting at the product placement in 'Krrisshh' . I sometimes wonder, if life was more normal without me having stepped into the world of marketing and MBA.

When I enter a Kirana store I start looking at the displays, the product packaging, analyse the how well the owner services customers, question them about margins etc etc and start comparing them with the Organised retail superstores down the street. When I visit the Reliance Fresh outlet, I check out the POP displays, the placement of the impulse purchases, the layout, the discounts, the promotions, the variety, assortment of everything that I certainly dont need and compare them all with the same in other chains such as Subhiksha, More, Trumart (now changed to Indiabulls mart), etc. I wish I could go to a shop and randomly do my window shopping like I used to without these assailing my mind.

We have a subject called 'Audio visual production'. Thanx to this, everything that is captured on camera is unconciously analysed for 'Composition', 'Camera angles' blah blah.. Damn, life sure was normal earlier.

But on the other hand, sometimes being more informed, does help. You cannot get fooled by the PR articles published in newspapers under the guise of 'news', you cannot be duped into believing that margins of several items are as low as the vendors claim them to be thus raising your bargaining power, more research is carried out while buying so many things, that I probably at one time would ve been swayed into buying just by jazzy commercials...


  1. one thing i truly believe is that MBA has not taught us anything great. if it has done something to us, its jsut making us a bit street smart. there is nothing else to it. MBA changes u as a person and not what you know. thats when u start looking at things differently. we might have known it all the while, it was just not activated.

  2. MBA Makes you slave out of your by making you managers

  3. what i say about todays culture is the adds are made in to advertise in such a way so that the new class of consumers called the conscience consumers get the real feel of the product with the message that the company producing the product is doing something which does not harm the environment and also sells there product in the market . and i am saying this b cos i work with company which has produced the add for dag achhe hain. for understanding this message does not require a mba its common sense ,not so common

  4. Phew! And i thought it was only me watching ads like that and checking out the assortment and packaging at stores!

    Hey, you havent written at all in ages...please do so!

  5. yeh! i so relate to you... being a product designer i do so to products all round us... the mind just cant stop thinking about their form and how it transform... and it doesnt stop at that then cause when you design product you also design product strategy... there is no end to the chain of thoughts which barely leave me to breath... i bear with myself as there isnt a way out... :) nice blog...