Monday, July 07, 2008

Book Review- Sea of Poppies

Writing a book that avid readers don’t forget is a sign of a prolific writer. When I read ‘The Glass Palace’ by Amitav Ghosh, I anointed his book into my gallery of unforgettables. Sea of Poppies though is immensely readable is not unforgettable. The theme is excellent, the narrative riveting, but the characters I felt lacked depth. Do read my previous blog too on what irked me the most--the parlance used. Amongst the characters, there is Zachary who rose rapidly in rank, Deeti whose life was completely influenced by poppies even though she didn’t partake any of its products, Neel, the erstwhile king and the only character I found a wee bit interesting-Paulette, the Frenchwoman, turned Bengali who flees from a desolate present, Jodu, Paulette’s foster brother.

The story starts of with the delineation of the individual lives of the characters, later, their fates get irrevocably intertwined as destiny brings them aboard the IBIS, the schooner that carries them over the black waters.

I however liked the part of the story in which Heeru gets married, the spirit of brotherhood that thrives during trying times, and the ‘girmitiyas’ attempt at making the best of their circumstances was touching.

Everyone ofcourse wants a complete story that either ends with the happily ever after or the tragic ending. This book being the first of a trilogy, obviously does not end…so despite all that I didn’t like about the book, I liked it enough to buy part 2 of it when its out!


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  1. i am inclined to read the book. lets not forget the reviewer also! :D