Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hostages to fear

I am a hostage to fear. I fear going to crowded places for shopping during Diwali, fear travelling by public transport, fear festive throngs during Janmashtami, fear going to the movie theater. Now I shall fear going to even so called up-market restaurants, and minimize whatever time I spend out-doors. Time and again, my ‘mighty’ and ‘fast developing’ India has proved that it is utterly incapable of handling terrorist activities. Here I am not talking about lame bombs kept by nameless cowardly faces that disappear after the dastardly act that others pay for. I am talking about an act that has had conniving, planning, gathering of huge resources that include well trained terrorists, machine guns, grenades and RDX bombs, and the brazenness to attack openly and get away with it. The mindless firing at Taj, our nation’s pride, and at several other places of national importance, left me shaken. Our intelligentsia had not a whiff of what was to come. This operation left me stunned. Something has snapped. The faith that things will get better, and lives will not be lost anymore due to these motivated but demented monsters was shattered.

India has supposedly a strong army which is proudly flaunted on the Republic day. But, it is sad that we can be so vulnerable, each time, these monsters come out and attack us. Do the officials really expect these monsters to come and intimate them of their plans to come and attack, in order to preempt these attacks? I am tired even to repeat the same things over and over again and condemn the monsters, condemn the government, condemn the opposition parties, condemn the intelligence agencies. I have no more words. I have no more hope.


  1. Its quite a shame that 20-25 youths have managed to keep Mumbai city on the edge for 40+ hours now...

    The only solution now is some military action against these training camps in Pak...

    I think we should learn from the US and their trigger-happy president Bush... Although the entire world condemned their attack on Afghanistan and Iraq, and the subsequent killing of some innocent civilians in the process... the US still went ahead...and what we have today is "zero" terrorist attack since 9/11..

    while in here... in India... we try to get a consensus of the entire world that we are a victim of terrorsim ... and alas ..nothing happens after that... we have attacks happeneing every other month....

    its high time... we take affirmative action ..and care a damn about other countries...just go ahead and BLAST OUR NEIGHBOURS!!!!

  2. Yes, I am agreed with Richa. I have also lost the hope of an assured, happy life. We people now do not have anyone to ask for the reasons and the solution to such disastrous events. Till what time are we going to have patience for betterment ! When will our lives will be safe ? huh !!!!

  3. Yes, I am agreed with Richa. I have also lost the hope of an assured, happy life. We people now do not have anyone to ask for the reasons and the solution to such disastrous events. Till what time are we going to have patience for betterment ! When will our lives will be safe ? huh !!!!

  4. So i see that the terrorists have achieved more than what they had planned to, create fear amongst the foreigners. They have managed to shake the locals as well.
    So while I agree with you Richa that it was a failure of the intelligence and the govt and all that, it would be prudent to remember that such acts happen all over the world, in places like Madrid, London and New York for that matter.
    Its a new world we are living in, one that will always be threatened by extremists, but being a hostage to fear is hardly the way to live your life. You becoming fearful is a victory for them.

  5. Sandeep, I dunno if blasting our neighbours is a good idea either. there are innocents of that country as well who have also been victim to these terrorist activities in the past. The solution would lie, i think in getting to the root of the matter and in exterminating the source of all these mujahadeen terrorists with help from the pakistani govt. I do not know how it can be done, but I still would prefer that to war where more of our jawans and people would lay their lives.
    Puneet, i completely agree with you when i resign myself to their victory. But i ld still rather live in fear than not live at all if theres no way and noone to allay these fears. So, many like me and Yamini have lost faith in the entire system of rooting out this scourge. Time and again, we have hoped for the better, but sadly, we have always been betrayed by a lackadaisical approach to such serious threats.

  6. Puneet... when you say these events happen in other places.. (Madrid, London n New York)... what we forget is that these events have happened there only once in their lifetime!! unlike here where we have bomb blasts happening every other month!! i'm sure no government in the world must ve displayed so much patience as us in expecting our neighbours to behave and get their act right...

    And Richa..when u talk about innocent ppl of our neighbours who may lose their lives... frankly... i would rather try and save the innocent lives in our country rather than bother about them! We have lost just too many innocent lives now.. and yes one may think that this is barbaric thinking n all..and theres no difference between us and them ..n so on... but really..i cant think of any other solution!!

  7. Sandeep: My point of those places was to emphasize that terror can strike anywhere and not just in India. One does not get to choose our neighbours. Terror is commonplace here because of our hostile neighbours. Even a country like Isreal with all their anti-terrorism squads and Mossad are unable to keep terrorists at bay. The government has been lax no doubt and will have to really get its act together to avoid a repeat, but the enormity of the task here is greater. Also bombing our neighbors will not solve anything. Stopping cross border movement through Nepal, Bangladesh and Pak by strict patrolling and reducing corruption in the BSF is the need of the hour. That and bombing the suspected militant training camps in POK. Bombing Pak is not even an option. The retribution from the international community and the reprisals from within will cripple our country.

    Richa: So much for us meeting if u stay indoors all the time :)

  8. No i will not light any candle, i would not sign any more petitions but i would rather kill the terrorists their supporters ( both externals and internals) & for once in my life i would become a man eater...

    Nuke pakistan & burn all the houses inside india too that hoist their flags.. Innocents live in india too but i guess GANDHISM against Hitler cannot work.