Sunday, February 28, 2010

I ll Miss...

Some things I will miss this year when I'm out of India...

PavBhaji,Pani Puri, Bhelpuri, Wadapav , idliwada sambar, pohe, cutting chai, Indianised Chinese
The colours of the saris and dresses at every market
The lights of Diwali
The colours of Holi
The elephant God Ganesha’s festival

My wonderful Friends and Family here
My beautiful Home sweet Home
The ring of the temple bell every morning
My mommys yummmmy food
Relaxing while the kaamwali cleans up the house and the dishes
Chai at Aslam Bhais tapri next to office
Shopping for trinkets on Linking road
Trying to resist (always in vain) buying those earrings in the local train
The clamour and bargaining at the vegetable market so full of fresh veggies
The cool breeze at Marine Drive
Walks in the calm bylanes of Chembur
The CCD at Shivaji Park
All the great Indian Traditions…(psstt…read my prior blog for that info :))
The bustle at every station and outside it
The jhatkas of Bollywood on every other TV channel
Shopping for jewellery from the TV serials
The Bandbaja at the wedding Baraat
Lunch at the office cafeteria facing the BandraWorli Sealink conquering the awe inspiring ocean
Getting a driver to drive the car, a maid to clean the dishes, a guy to wash the car, a maid to cook the food, and a handyman anytime to fix stuff at absolutely low prices compared to anywhere else!
Contemplating if I should use my car or the rickshaw, or the MERU or the bus or the AC bus or the local train to get anywhere, where else would I get so many options!

Well, some things I wouldn’t miss would be

The honking cars and bikes who think the road belongs only to them
The yucky spitting on the roads by someone every 1 minute I look outside
The traffic jams
The ever crowded trains and roads
The poverty and filth on so many roads
The politicians who encourage everything that’s wrong, for the votebanks and have nothing to do with development

Well, I guess, my positives still outweigh the negatives…so sure will look forward to getting back soon :D


  1. Well with what I've seen so far here..
    u'll definitely not miss the pav bhajis n bhel puris out here... and definitely not the Indian-Chinese....all of these

    r available in abundance... thanks to the large Indian diaspora :) (ofcourse road-side bhel-puri/chaat in mumbai is unbeatable)

    What you will miss though is convenience and comfort that you get in India..thanks to the cheap labour!! apologizes

    for this disparaging comment..but thats a fact! the labour charges here are insane!!
    but on the brighter side..this is also improving now... thanks to the enterprising desi ppl..who provide help in

    cleaning, cooking etc at relatively reasonable rates

    then the other things u might miss r the desi tv commericals (which i think r definitely a lot more

    humorous and creative than the stuff here), funny breaking news that keeps changing every 15 mins on hindi news channels, entertaining news from our political class which makes watching news more entertaining than watching saas-bahu dramas n sitcoms and ofcourse weekend leisure (which gets ruined cause of the high labour charges refered above :( )

  2. wonderful blog...same things missing here...I m in Canada

  3. @Hemant: thanks for the comments! Keep reading!