Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ethereal Night

Nights are always magical, always have been and a window with a wonderful view makes it all the more beautiful.  I switched off the lights in my room and gazed out across the river.

Looking out I see the fantastic buildings of Manhattan.  The twinkling red lights atop the sky scrapers, the occasional plane whizzing by, the ship across the inky black waters of the Hudson, the myriad dispersed lights in the buildings, the moving lights from the cars I see moving across the river far far away, the majestic Empire State building with its fiery lights at the top, the Chrysler building with its bright arc shaped lights, the blue clock tower, the red neon light. 

Its not just the lights which make it so serene.  This sounds strange but it is the silence of the lights which make it so.  I tried capturing the moment on a camera, but the tranquility of the moment couldn’t be.  As the notes of Floyd wafted from my laptop, I was at peace with myself and at peace with the world.

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  1. That was a lovely word picture! I have heard of 'sounds of silence' but never silence of the lights! will visit again to read more stuff. they sound promising.
    and oh, thanks for commenting on my blog.