Friday, April 23, 2010

Its Magic!

I recently watched a ‘Mary Poppins’, Broadway show about the magical nanny on a lovely evening.  'Magic', the term has such an aura of mystery and charm to it.  I have always been fascinated by everything to do with magic starting with the elves and goblins of the Magical Faraway tree of Enid Blyton to the magic by Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings to the recent very magic Harry Potter series.  The characters of all these authors seemed (still do honestly) so real in a parallel universe, which I 'ld like to believe exists.

But of course magic does exist, albeit in different forms rather than witches and wizards waving their magic wands and staffs or brooms.  I just looked at things anew from a different angle. There is magic in the way nature works.  The sun rising and setting every day, the rains, the twinkling stars, the massive sand dunes in deserts, the terrifying as well as mystic and beautiful sea, the beating of a living beings heart or two.

Humanity itself has come far in the quest for advancement as Ayn Rand, the author and philosopher rightly acknowledged.  We take so many things for granted now but what technology has achieved is nothing short of magic. For a moment, I ceased to wonder about the logic of a lot of things.   I can see what is happening at the other part of the world on TV, on a web camera, now isn’t that magic?  I can fly in the air in a helicopter or aeroplane even though I don’t have wings..Magic? I can speak to my dear ones, wherever they are and from wherever I am on the mobile phone..Magic!, I can search a million computers from mine on Google..Magic…

There is magic in a spell binding book, an enthralling performance on stage or on tv, an awe-inspiring painting, a delectable dinner with that just right spice, the scent of a rose, the sweetness of a strawberry, sitting and staring at the vast ocean on a sunny beach, a little child's innocence, a genuine smile or laugh, friendship, a beautiful day with loved ones...

So, the next time you want to feel the magic, just look around you and let me know what you see!


  1. The writeup is small but very effective. We can really see 'magic' in everything. The 'magic' is nothing but presence of Bhagwan. In Gita Bhagwan has enumerated his vibhutis in chapter VII and X which range 'taste' in water to game of dice in cheating. At the end, Bhagwan says that wherever you see opulence, wealth, outstanding performance etc etc, know that I am present there ( Ch X, verse 41).

    Another definition of 'magic' as told by Prof. Prema Pandurang is : Logic of the Infinite is Magic for the finite.


  2. Oh My! That comment was deeeep! I reckon, 'Magic' is something that cannot really be finite, one can see whatever wondrous elements one desires in anything and everything.

  3. oh my! u turning into a philosopher!

  4. As Defined
    MAGIC is any art that invokes supernatural powers

    but we still have an impression of magic as some bizzare card tricks, vanishing materials and humans which do generally are illussions.

    as u correctly pointed that magic is in nature how few molecules of water make water drops.
    how plants grow involuntarily from a seed.

    there is a supernatural power which is actually the MAGIC

    Nice to read ur blog
    keep writing

  5. You do seem to have a philosophical (involuntary??) bent of mind indeed! That was a thoughtful piece. The last post i ahd read was your silence of lights. Another such one!

    btw, I am a big believer in magic too!

  6. @Puneet: Well, I guess it wasnt supposed to be philosophical..but well, it got into the flow of words!

  7. @Amruta:Yup, I certainly do believe there is some supernatural power, beyond all of us, which is the driving force behind all this magic. A lot of people call it GOD. Whatever it maybe called, I reckon, it certainly is wonderful.

  8. @zephyr: Thanks for visiting my page! Everyone seems to be calling this piece philosophical! I guess that was totally not my intention when I started this off! The magical broadway show certainly put a lot of thoughts into my head! But yeah, I guess, I believe in magic coz thats what makes us tick and makes life worthwhile. Only if people realized it and felt it more like you do! Watch out for my next piece. I ll certainly try to weave some magic into that too!

  9. yes...magic is all around us....magic is all within us... :)