Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Common Tamasha

The Commonwealth games have already begun! Well, perhaps not the actual sports, but the ongoing tamasha before the games itself is no different from any game! It is India vs the Rest of the World, the Organising committee in India vs the global committee overlooking the games, US the common people vs Them the Corrupt Government. Debates abound, and forums, blogs, TV, Radios, Newspapers all cry foul. Every little thing is zoomed on to the last detail and penalized heavily by further outcry. To add the final icing on the cake, there is the suspense of finding out, if they are indeed going to be pulled off well, with a segment even hoping they are not so that there is a further brouhaha that will bring the defaulters to book even if it is after a few decades and by that time their account books are fatter than ever with the credits they make in the meanwhile.

I wonder what the hell is happening ? Does it take a public outcry from all corners of the globe to get the Prime Minister involved into the organizing of these simple games when he should have probably just done the lamp lighting or something insignificant like that? The whole situation is so insane. On one hand, we talk about being the next super power and on the other hand, dunnkkkkk, we can’t manage a piffling few thousand sportspersons accommodations..why even big fat weddings in India boast of over a 1000 guests and organized immaculately! It’s a shame, a great shame.



  1. I like the analogy with the Indian weddings :)
    We should have got Jayalalitha n team to organize the Games.. i remember she got into a controversy a few years back regarding the GRANDEST wedding ever for her son!

  2. The common wealth games is indeed a grand national shame for the super power in waiting.
    With 7 years lead time any event could have been organised much more smoothly and professionally. Since there is absolutely no accountability and deterance in India for wrong doing, we can easily expect that the babus and politicians will get away scott free as usual ( with some getting suspension from the job which they need no more as they must have made a killing to last for next 3 generations)

  3. Hey Richa, How does it feel like being in a foreign land and having to parry any query about this national shame as you aptly put it? Our PM and his Maker and his party in power in Delhi have all done their bit to contribute. They have a scapegoat, who will be hanged and the others will be absolved of all the blame. Great, isn't it?

    Do also read my take on this

    I have missed you on my blog. Probably very busy, since I am seeing a post after a long time!

  4. Hi Zephyr. Thanks for stopping by! Well, it actually feels kind of really embarrassing to even refer to this topic, especially when there I have a Chinese colleague who I am sure would be laughing at our plight in glee! But what to do? When people say, we should be the change and bring it about etc, I simply don't see how the common people can keep doing it all the time and given the choice of election representatives they get to choose from! So again, we can only sit and blog and comment on this pathetic attitude. Perhaps you feel my helplessness.
    Was a bit busy the past month but now I will head right to your page now!

  5. The Commonwealth Games is the biggest sporting event India will host in nearly three decades

    India was hoping to showcase a country whose
    economy and global profile has been rising. But in recent months,
    reports of shoddy quality of infrastructure, allegations of corruption,
    huge cost overruns and lack of preparedness have dogged the event.

  6. Hey Richa,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    You know what I am so ashamed these days of mentioning Delhi in my blog these days.It hurts a lot to think and say so about my homeland but its long since we Indians realized that all thing don't work out at the eleventh hour. This was a perfect oppurtunity to showcase and live up to the image of Incredible India...but alas...they lost it.

  7. @Tanvi: True, India has made itself a laughing stock of the world. Now its too late to remedy things. Now all we can do is wait and watch and pray that things go well.