Saturday, October 09, 2010

I wish I had a Time Machine

How I hate waking up in the morning and getting dressed to go to work. Maybe in the near future, we won’t have to go to offices anymore. Maybe we will have a few screens showing us the people installed in our homes for meetings and a robot to take down notes and email them to us after formatting them. Maybe we’ll have flying cars. Maybe shopping will be through simulated rooms with us experiencing even the feel of the fabric and not just plain online shopping. Perhaps we will be able to touch our near and dear ones from miles across on the computer or whatever becomes of it. Maybe we won’t need to know different languages. Speak in English at one end and have it translated and come out in perfect Chinese at the other end which is something I believe Google is working on.

Floppies have become pen drives and hard drives, desktops have become laptops and will soon be tablets or phones or something else totally. Landlines have become mobiles which in themselves are computers. Maybe we will be able to use any surface as a laptop with some projections out of thin air and of course we will have a robot cook and clean for us. I hope we don’t become all fat and wobbly creatures with all that work being automated and not having to step out. Post offices will cease to exist and philatelists (stamp collectors) will perish if they already haven’t.

Maybe schools will cease to exist and kids will be taught like they do in The Matrix..put in a CD through the brain and copy paste the ‘books’ or delete to make more room. No more mugging up History! Books, paper and pens of course will not exist and maybe even most trees won’t. Hopefully we will have travelled to some more inhabitable planets and shifted half the population there. Maybe we will be able to control rains and storms. Maybe we will never run out of food.

Maybe biodegradable only will be the only norm, maybe plastic will be abolished. Maybe the world will cease to have boundaries and maybe there will be no more terrorists. Maybe everyone who is corrupt will stop being so. Maybe there will be no more diseases.

Maybe there will be a nuclear war fought over water not oil. Maybe trees will be present only in Museums. Maybe there will be an ice age, or maybe the ozone layer will tear apart and half of the world will become uninhabitable. Maybe aliens will attack us. Maybe a new form of disease will come and eliminate humanity. Maybe the world will become a garbage dump. Maybe there will be no more room for more population on earth. Maybe, Frankenstein’s monster will become reality and Sarah Connor will not be born.

We are all getting so ahead of ourselves in Technology or maybe I was born just after the dinosaurs! Computers in all sizes, Google, smart phones, Global Satellite systems (GPS), Video conferencing, e-readers, Social Networking are exploding and the world is closer and more aware than it ever was before. What was unbelievable in the past is reality today and we are still in awe of the technology wave that is sweeping us. While the human race is not just ambling ahead, but taking great leaps racing ahead, let us remember the bleaker side and take steps starting with recycling, generating less waste, using fewer disposable things, saving electricity, planting trees and spreading the word in building this amazing future perfect world called Utopia!


  1. Yes. The technology is improving by leaps and bounds and we do not know where and when will it lead to the humanity. The things which were even not imagined or unimaginable just 10 years back are reality now. One cannot imagin life without mobile or computer now although barely 10-15 years back it was the previlege of only handful people. Hope the scientists and leaders lead the humanity and the world in a positive direction wherein everyone is happy and satisfied. Our prayers have rightly said thousands years back : Asato ma sadgamaya, Tamaso ma jotirgamay. Lead us from untruth to truth, from darkness to light. " Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah" Let everyone be happy.

  2. Uh.... maybe you're just plain lazy?

  3. Yeah, I like the last line..Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah!

    Regd. me being lazy-Well, I reckon, there's nothing bad about it if I have all these super gizmos to pamper me!Afterall technology is all about making life easier.

  4. Today i was talking to my elder brother and he was visualising in reverse.How soon everything is going to be technology driven that when something crashes the whole world comes to a halt. And then what would happen? the man who walked to work, who wrote his letters and who met his friends would be able to survive. The rest of us would all be extinct!

    Nice post, scary thoughts!

  5. @zephyr: that's something to think about. Does'nt it happen even now? When our mobile stops working, we are quite crippled and quite forget, there was a time when a big bunch of us would meet up for a movie with noone owning any mobile and that it isn't really impossible to survive!

  6. Ur blog reminded me watching of a prime time animated sitcom the Jetsons
    living a futuristic utopia of 2062 of elaborate robotic contraptions,aliens,holograms
    and whimsical invention.

    As the time flies there will be more technical advancements and man's life will be more mechanical
    but also some problem would be prevail like diseases,scarcity of vital resources.

    keep blogging

  7. @Amruta: Jetsons used to be one of my favorite shows! I remember Mr Spacely popping up on the screen looks like with the advent of webcameras and front facing cameras in phones, we are slowly getting to the Jetsons age! Who knows, all diseases just might get eradicated just like small pox was!