Thursday, May 26, 2011

Random Ramblings

I have been finally been given my first blog award, ‘The Adorable Blog’ by my fellow blogger Lipsy.  Many thanks to you for this honor!  Her award is here.

Since, this also entails me to write those 10 random things about me, here goes-
I love
  1. watching the motley of people in big cities on their daily commute
  2. walking the streets of wherever I am without a destination in mind- alone.
  3. browsing through a physical bookstore and the high that I get when I make a purchase
  4. reading the comments I receive on my blog! Thanks all for the support!
  5. all desserts.  Infact I start my meal with a dessert.  Why not start and end the meal with the best part!
  6. the songs and dances in Indian movies! They are way better than any broadway musical!
I hate
  1. a cluttered desk and a cluttered home
  2. cooking! Though I appreciate those who cook well., seeking to emulate them usually ends up in disaster!
  3. lending my prized books.  Everybody knows they don’t come back!
  4. packing before travels.  I always wish I got my bags magically delivered with all that I wanted!
What comes around of course has to go around, and I would like to pass this award on to the very talented bloggers- 
I will really appreciate it if you sent this further on in the blogosphere and mention those 10 random things about yourself if you haven’t already done so and link me in!



  1. Thanks a ton for the award Richa, it is such an honour to recieve it from you! I really appreciate the sweet gesture. Your visits and comments mean a lot to me and I always look forward to them... Thanks once again, Keep in touch :))))

  2. And Yes, It was nice to know something more of 'Richa'! We have quite a bit common there and a lot uncommon too ;) :D

    Have a great day and keep blogging :)

  3. Thanks for the award, Richa and the compliment of being your favourite blogger :) you know that i have already done two 'random things' blog posts. I will link you in them, if that's ok?

  4. Thanks Mayank, Arti and Zephyr!

    @Zephyr- yes, I would love it if you linked me to your previous posts.

  5. Congrats
    U deserved that one
    got to know sum thing more about u.
    keep writing n enlighting us