Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Creepy Horrors

I am in shock and in deep pain.  Lizards.  Disgusting creepy lizards.  Again.  I was just confronted by a lizard in my dusting cloth in what I thought was a lizard free home. I remember some terrorizing times at my grandma’s place. Those disgusting, squiggly brown colored things have made me quake in bed in terror spending sleepless nights for fear they may be near me. I have opened cabinet doors fearfully expecting those beasts to jump out or jump away for me and for me to jump back if I see them.  I have entered rooms armed with a broom in my hand (which usually has usually fallen down since I have never not panicked and fled when confronted by those things).  I seriously don’t get it.  How can those tiny creatures incite such feelings of hate, repulsion and fear in any one! 

For those who belong to the lizard hating club whose numbers are quite large especially among females, I believe, can understand my agony when, I fled to a floor below to my MIL's as I await hubby dear to come home, find that awful creature and chase it away before I can cautiously go back.  The other thing about lizards and I think mice too, unfortunately is, once they come inside the house, there is no easy way to chase them out. One can chase a lizard around and around a room with all windows and doors and all possible openings open, but they manage to skip all of them and find that one immovable painting or cabinet above the most comfortable seat in the house behind which is security for them and insecurity for me if I dare to sit on that seat! Ruthless killing is not an option since these creatures have tails that live on and are more eerie than even the whole thing!  I remember a friend even bought this ultrasonic sound producing device that was supposed to shock lizards and drive them away.  Didn’t work.  Cockroaches and lizards have withstood the test of time and have I reckon, been through every possible calamity to be driven away by mere sound waves! The only thing that has worked is being armed with a nagging broom to chase them away so frequently that they give up and go to a neighbor’s house!

What I don’t understand, but am thankful for is the fact that guys and a few girls too never do find these things repulsive (atleast someone can chase them away!). In fact, I knew of a guy who had pet lizards and frogs.  Someone from that club, help me either overcome my repulsion or drive out that thing from my house!


  1. Nicely written. I feel similarly about cockroaches.

  2. @Hariharan - I used to fear cockroaches too, especially those flying ones, but the disgust factor belongs to lizards alone!

  3. Vinni used to hate lizards and would not rest till he had driven it out of the room. He still hates them but is not paranoid about them, I think. In defence of the creatures, I must tell you that if they are around, no other poisonous or creepy insect will be there, including cockroaches.

  4. @zephyr - I should invite vinni soon to drive this one out ;). I believe those creatures do eat mosquitoes and other creepy insects, but as far as I can remember from my grandma's house, it was a veritable zoo with mice, wasps, bees and everything else and a veritable ecosystem!

  5. EEEwwww!!!!
    ur post really made me feel creepy...These annoying little creatures will find perfect hideout in ur house & will timely comeout in halls when ur expecting guests or having food as its their home tooo..

    Well i have heard that these geckos have acting skills tooo & will act as dead under threat so be careful....

  6. i hate these creatures!!! I just hate looking at them and the sounds they make is even more sick!!!Thankfully there are none at my place, but when we go to our native place, they are always there to welcome us!

  7. Cant stand creepies and crawlies...

  8. I am sacred of lizards and cockroaches and other creepy crawlies... Really nice post, I can relate very well to each and every word of it!!!
    Have a fabulous weekend Richa:)

  9. Oh god, I hate those damn lizards too, i hate them with a passion, I actually get a lot of flak from my family if I run out of a room screaming, as I have done on several occassions, they think I'm overdoing it because I've become too "American" (only I'm not an American, I just lived there, nor am I a canadian now, I just live here... LOL)
    But, one thing I can suggest is to get a pest control done of the apartment...these days they don't fog the apartment with poisonous fumes, they just use injections into the wall, at specific intervals, and apply some gel like substance at other places....Even though it's not supposed to work for lizards, what it does is, it drives away the cockroaches and other insects and also irritates the lizards enough that they don't like crawling on those walls, and since the roaches and other creatures are gone, there's nothing for the lizards for eat, so they don't come to those homes that have the treatment done....I had gotten it done in my apartment, before my last visit to India....maybe you can try that....

  10. Jeeyo aur Jeene Do. There is same atman in all the living creatures walking or creeping :))

  11. rashmikholkute@yahoo.comTuesday, 13 September, 2011

    Dear richa
    I have passed on my fear of these creeping creatures to you. Like you I cannot sleep blissfully in your grandma’s house which is infested with these dreadful creatures which thrive in the hot climate of Nagpur. Your grandma is one person who goes in deep slumber totally oblivious of these slimy creatures and as the day now is drawing closer to visit her I will have to relive the horror of dealing with them. How about combating them with you together? The idea that I will have to live in their midst in harmony is giving me creeps.

  12. would you believe!! When I was in seventh standard, I had a dead lizard on my frock when I woke up >:< and ours was a rather clean house :-\

    And then in not so clean engineering hostel, I had to shoooo away the creature so that my friend could poo peacefully. sigh!