Saturday, October 01, 2011

Mighty Chittorgarh and Blasphemous Indians

Massive, Mighty and Magnificent.  I loved Chittorgarh fort.
Morons, Miserable, Miscreants – Those Bloody Indians who desecrated its walls.

I speak of the Sunils who love the Nehas and are joined by that cupids arrow through the heart on the Ramayana etching, Chandraketus who visited the monument on July 7, 2009, Swapnils, Pankajs, and Rahuls who found it fun to use a permanent marker to scribe their names and present their autographs to the grim 1000 year statues. I speak of the Rams and Mohans who left their legacy on Mumtaz Mahal’s tomb.

I speak of the mother who instructed her kid to throw away the pepsi bottle in a corner of the monument and not carry it out to throw in the many dustbins stationed. I speak of the vile pan chewer who spit on most marvelous engraving in the fort.  I speak of the snacks vendor at the Rana Pratap memorial who discarded his trash outside his window on a hill which he thought was not visible to tourists. I speak of the literate but uneducated girl who did not think twice before throwing out tissue paper out of her car on the road after seeing the monument. 

Can we even remotely call ours a civilized society?  We harp about the ‘Mahaanta’ of Bharat and the rich culture and heritage and in the next instant trash it with our waste.  I am so indignant and disgusted at this apathy and this lack of reverence.

I had trekked earlier this year to a wonder of the world named Macchu Picchu to see some ruins which I have described in an earlier blog.  Those ruins, mere walls of stone, have been preserved with utmost care by Peruvians.  Peruvians who are from a similar poor country, are proud of their heritage and have not taken it for granted as Indians have.  In eras older than the Inca empire of the Peruvians, our emperors and kings were far advanced in their art forms and built structures which withstood not just battles and attacks but the test of time.  I could go right upto the Victory tower and I could only gaze in wonder at the art forms in the masonry and sculptures that were not valuable enough for the British to plunder.  But can we say that we have preserved them well enough? Sure, the Architectural Survey of India (ASI) has done a great job in digging out similar structures and maintaining them.  But what about the vast majority of the people who do not understand how privileged they are to be able to see them?

I almost feel India and Indians are not worthy of this rich heritage.  All these beautiful ancient monuments and gorgeous art forms would have been preserved far better in countries such as USA or in Europe where people admire, appreciate and respect them. 

Merely studying history is not enough.  Can we inculcate enough pride in our heritage so as to only be able to at least very mildly respect the wonderful history that still stands today and not desecrate it? If this cannot be imbibed, can more punitive action be taken against the cowardly sociopaths who carry out their ‘rebellious’ pranks covertly? Perhaps a fine of Rs 500 to be enforced by a wiry thin watchman standing at the entrance may not be the right way.  Can the government have CCTVs which are monitored and enforce more stringent action, say a non bailable imprisonment?  Is there anything we citizens who love and value our country can do more than turning away indifferently for fear of getting into arguments and then tsking tsking behind their backs? In this blog I speak of only our tourist places, but on a broader level, I question, why is it that the very same Indians who break all rules in their home country are able to even pick their dogs shit with their hands to throw it in the dustbin in another country? If only, everyone respected in their own country what they did in foreign lands, India could come somewhere near being called a civilized society.

A few glimpses of the magnificent Chittorgarh fort below –
Vijay Stambha (Victory Tower)

Hanuman 'Pol' (Gate)

Carvings in Victory Tower

Carvings in Victory Tower
Kumbha Shyam Temple


Padmini Palace

Jain Temple of Mahaveer

Meera Temple

Picturesque view near Gaumukhs Reservoir


  1. Loved that one Richa. We are a country of morons and louts. That's why we deify women on one hand and go nonchalantly for female foeticide, burn our brides, indulge in domenstic violence. It is this same streak of contrariness that makes us sing the praises of our heritage even while defiling it. As for being model citizens outside the country, I had written something on that in 'No rules please, we are Indians.'

  2. @zephyr - I remember that post. One can't help but wring our hands, heads in despair over the callousness of people all around.

  3. Superb post !!! I dunno why we lack civic sense so much, these same Indians, follow the letter of the law once on foreign soil, so we clearly are capable of behaving in a civilized manner, then what is it that allows us to act this way in our own country ??? Pathetic indeed...
    You;ve rightly said that a sense of pride needs to be present towards the nations assets and their worth for the country, why just the historical monuments, take a look at a MUmbai local, must it reek of urine, and be blasted with pornographic images in every single compartment??? We need to value our country and respect it...until that happens, such incidences will be all too common...

  4. @AAD - I know. You being in Canada can see this difference all the more. It is disgusting really and I wonder if a lesson needs to be introduced in ethics and maintaining pride in our country at the school level.

  5. I believe that a campaign like atithi devo bhava is overdue to educate some illiterate guys. Good wake up call, students need to be informed by teachers before trips are undertaken not to write anything on wall of historical importance.

  6. i reiterate all that you have said and hang my head in shame at the atrocities committed by fellow indians..

  7. civil manners are not part of our upbringing.. there are such people everywhere - we seem to have them in abundance.

  8. @Deguide - I totally agree with you. That campaign featuring Amir Khan is so required. I wish people stepped up to spread awereness

    @magiceye - I am sure you came across all of this in your recent trip

    @Mayank - hopefully we can instill these values atleast as far as we can and shout at these sociopaths without fearing arguments.

  9. Really an initiative must taken gov & more importantly by oneself to not immortalize their love on walls of India’s historic-heritage monuments.

    great post

  10. I agree 100%. Why do we Indians litter so much and why are we so insensitive about our heritage? A building which may have taken 20 years to create, we do not hesitate to disfigure it in 20 seconds!!! Come to Kanchipuram and you will see, wallpaintings in temples, 800 years old, disfigured by lovelorn morons or self glorifying idiots! Its shameful! Make it a point to catch people if you see doing it, and ask them if they feel no shame. This must be stopped at any cost.

  11. @Amruta - Thanks. Our govt is so useless really! I wish they get sued by some UNESCO or something in destroying valuable sites!

    @Shadows Galore - Shouting at these shameless people is so tiring. Sigh! They only keep retorting and saying its not a big deal.

  12. beautful pics, haven't visited these places but i hope to someday.

  13. Really noble thoughts. But its really unfair to expect people to behave differently in a place just because it holds some historical importance. In any place where you find people actually adhering to rules and regulations, its almost second nature with them. They practice it in everyday life. History is a good reminder of our past, which no doubt was glorious. But I would be happier if today's generation modifies its ways and puts in some effort to gift a better India to the future generation.

  14. Beautiful pics of the temples, i like the ancient carving over them.

  15. i had once read long ago "In India we believe that, law can be cheated and god can not" .. this is the reason why we all lack civil sense, because from beginning a child is taught that religion is most superior and law can be broken/bent/overlooked. Loudspeakers are banned after 11, but for jagratas its all done.
    Sorry for digression, but till we Indians overlook the law and do not realise the fact that we have civil duties (along with rights) this shall continue ...

  16. Very thoughtful post dearo..
    We blame our country; our politicos for defaming our country! Why don't we change ourselves and our outlook? I have seen similar scribblings on Qutab Minar and Taj Mahal! Really Detestful...

    Thanks for posting :)

    Indie :)

    PS. I loved the Victory Tower, Padmini's palace and the reservoir pics :)

  17. Yes, we are bad tourists. We travel not to enjoy and learn but to escape from daily life. However, I must say that things are changing and people are becoming more aware of do's and don'ts at such spots.

  18. Hi Richa,
    A very thought provoking blog. At least out there things are not that bad - just visit Sinhagad Fort near Pune and see for yourself how much we care for our heritage

  19. I can completely relate to the anger! If throwing trash in the monuments is not enough, one may find men urinating in the palaces as if they are leaving their mark :-/

    I have not been to Machu Pichu but I have heard it's a beautiful place to visit. One day, perhaps.

    Sigh, even the educated ones do not care much about trashing the places.

    PS: nice photographs...

    Chintu Singh

  20. Good one Richa..But I think all these things people do are irrespective of the level of education. Mentality of the people is sick and that needs to change..How will it change is well...a tough ask I guess...It has to change for sure or else we'll have to use your blog posts to show our children what once existed here....;-)Lovely snaps!

  21. Thanks for your comments all. Hopefully things do improve with more awareness and with the govt' implementing strict measures to punish anti social elements. Thanks for the stopping by and appreciating my photos.