Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Announcing my new travel blog - The Roaming Diaries

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‘What do you like to do when you are not at work?’ is a very common question that needs to be answered, while meeting new people, at social gatherings, and in introductions.  Usual answers that most people used have on resumes were ‘Reading’, ‘Listening to music’ and ‘TV’. When asked which books they like to read, most would get flummoxed and say ‘I have read a book by Sidney Sheldon in my life and have also read all my text books at school!  ‘Listening to music’ usually consisted of listening to the usual Bollywood fare served on TV and radio and TV, well, we are a generation of couch potatoes!

A lot has changed since then, with new hobbies of ‘photography’ and ‘social networking’ being added to the list. Not to disparage anyone who is truly passionate about what they do, but almost anybody who has a good looking DSLR, is a photography buff and ‘social networking’ usually consists of hours of prying on others’ lives on facebook!  ‘Watching TV’ and ‘Surfing the internet’ are strict no-no’s not being politically correct and unimpressive while ‘Reading’ is so passe’ unless one has attended the Jaipur lit fest atleast once!

I do believe everyone should try and find out what they truly enjoy doing.  In the hectic days of today, there is indeed ‘no time to stand and stare’atleast on weekdays, but one has to find something else to do to refresh those brain cells with non-humdrum work on the weekend.

Between trying to find out the hobbies I have beyond reading, (I really do love reading and can provide a list of the last 200 books I have read), and dabbling in a bit of everything – photography, surfing the net for blogs, and travelling apart from my usual job, I found my latest hobby to be ‘blogging’ about my travels. Although I started to record my journeys and tell my friends and families about the fabulous experiences I have had on the blogspot you are reading, a more travel focused blog was the next step I took.

The announcement
I have started a new travel blog ‘The Roaming Diaries’ (click to open) and read about my travels locally in Mumbai, India and abroad. I would love it if readers explored some of the wonderful places I have visited and I would be happy to answer any queries on locations I have visited.  Please delight me by visiting Feedback would be welcome on this new venture.

I will continue to voice my views on Richland Talk on all matters apart from Travel and would love to see you on both my blogs!

Happy Roaming, reading and hobbying!


  1. I have visited the Richaroams island already. I think it rocks! Carry on roaming!! :D

  2. Liked your travel diaries and thanks for taking on a visually delighting tour! I am a travel freak too:)

    1. Thank you! Just saw your blog. You have a lovely one!

  3. I really like your travel diaries too. Good job my dear friend.

  4. I saw that it is on the home page of Indiblogger. Happy Blogging!!!

  5. Great work! Congrats!! Please carry on..:)

  6. Will check the other blog soon..Thanks for sharing.

  7. It is our varied interests that help us grow as an individual.

    All the best for your new travel blog :-)

  8. Good luck!! Roam more! and rightos about the social n/w DSLR thing!

    Do stop by my blog! Kappu

  9. All the best.Roam more and gather new eperiences.And continue sharing your impressions about the cultures and manners of different communities you encounter during the course of your journey
    your wanderlust reminds me of the famous words of Tennyson in his poem Ulysses,''how dull it is to pause and stay at one place ,to rust unburnished and not to shine in use.''
    love aai

  10. You can have fun reading the blog that gives ideas about traveling. Useful post

  11. All the best Richa for your new Roaming Diaries blog. Waiting to read more of it!