Monday, August 24, 2015

The Asus Divas Meet

I was quite excited when I saw an exclusive invite for a phone launch event in my mailbox. Being an avid follower of many things digital, my first reaction was curiosity! I have never been to one of these glitzy events and this sounded like the perfect chance to finally flex those blogger muscles and walk into an interesting event that sounded fun.
ASUS, the Chinese phone manufacturer was coming out with a slew of interesting phones and had invited bloggers to the ‘Divas meet’ at Mumbai at the ITC Grand Central in August. This event was for women bloggers only and promised to be an evening of banter and plenty of tech talk, beauty talk sprinkled liberally with the fun.

The highlight of the evening was the theme on selfies. With the launch of an amazing phone for taking selfies, the Asus team demonstrated how we girls could glow in all those selfies using the Asus ZenFone selfie phone.  Peter Chang the really cool MD introduced us to the affordable luxury phones with plenty of humor in his presentation. The selfie phone had a range of features that included a 13MP front facing camera with a front flash (yeah you read that right), and an auto-focus laser feature, and a front facing camera panoramic view. A cool ‘beautifying’ feature made the make-up less face look naturally made up. The screen was a good 5.5” HD display. Basically, this phone is a girl’s best friend! The other phone I completely blew me away was the ZenFone 2 Laser. While all the features of this phone were really cool, the fact that it had Corning ‘Gorilla Glass 4’ meant that it would virtually scratch free always! The MD actually took a knife and sliced at the phone but it remained as smooth as ever! Some of their other innovative products were the ‘Lolly Flash’ which is a cool device that is a little flash extension to give that extra light for an even better photo and a sleek power bank.

The star guest of the evening was VJ Anusha Dandekar who sashayed down in style to dish out her secrets to taking the perfect selfie. Born to talk, she gave the audience her tips and tricks to taking the perfect selfie. Not only did she give us these tips demonstrating the power of the ZenFone Selfie phone, but we also got a chance to try out this device in large groups competing for some funky prizes. Walking the ramp was another fun activity that took place to add to the glamor! She went on to also talk about beauty and make up and how to achieve the perfect selfie look. I never quite ever thought a few tweaks here and there in my photo taking abilities would do wonders!

And of course, there were some snacks while we caught up with other blogger friends and tried out those wonderful phones at the end of the event. All in all, a fun event. I can’t wait to get the ZenFone Selfie phone (although it will have to wait since I just got a new phone!).

For more information on these phones, check out their website.

Here are some pictures from the evening. 
The Asus Mascots

Presenting the phones

Taking a selfie

The irrepressible Anusha Dandekar

Trying out the phones


  1. That event was really amazing. I am so in love with the Lolly Flash it's so darn cute! <3

  2. Wow Richa beta
    Post some more selfies

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