Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Let me continue with my previous theme, that of destiny and choice...

I recently read two intersting books..'Rich Dad Poor Dad'and ''The google Story'. The first book was all about choices. It talked about changing conventions, talked of getting out of the mundane existence,it juxtaposed two ways to live life...One..the risk free existence of getting a good education, getting a good job, settling down and retiring happily and option two...branching out, applying your talents and holding your own. That risk free existence holds no excitement of doing your own thing, carving a niche for yourself, essentially being job makers instead of jobseekers. Like I said earlier, it takes the guts and tenacity to go ahead and take that decision. Thats where the Google guys come in. The google guys refused to take a comfy job at Microsoft and be software geeks owned by Bill Gates, they went on and challenged the might of Microsoft in a blitzgrieg that lasted less than a decade that sent the whole world reeling under the Google revolution.

Well, I have the highest regards for all the entrepreneurs of this world who turned the spark in them into a blazing fire, as well as the ones who are stuggling to get a hold, these are the people responsible for changing the world, doing a service to the world, and most importantly doing a service to themselves.

Dream on thats the first step i reckon...but sadly apart from trying to inspire myself into doing something, I havent really found anything that I ll really wanna do heart and soul...Till then I ll dream on...he he.

You do the same.



  1. I think entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in each one of us, what is needed is focus foresight and perseverance. Its the innate deterministic nature that challenges any limits of growth.

    I prefer the attitude wherein "ultimately everyone in the world is going to die but I must die last".

    Nice article Richa and hope to see that entrepreneurial spirit reach greater heights :)

  2. Hey, welcome to blogging.

    Came across your profile when I clicked the "short stories by O Henry" in my profile. It searches for other people having those keywords in their profile.

    I see you are really new to blogging, so welcome and hope to see some good stuff from you soon. Do check out my blog when you get time.


    P.S.:Another coincidence is that I'm from Pune too.

  3. Hey thanks a ton for that comment. Its the longest comment I ever got and I LOVE long comments coz I write a lot of them myself.

    I totally agree with nostalgia and second hand books. I've spent my entire childhood amongst books. Even I read all the Enid Blytons with the Secret Seven, Famous Five, Five Find-outers, Secret series, Mystery series, Adventure series....All of them. I mean, all which we had in our library. I also read the entire collection of Hardy Boys that we had.

    Like you graduated onto non-fiction, I graduated on to classics.

    Good to see you blogging again and PLEASE do that more often. I will surely come and check your blog from time to time.

    Adios !