Saturday, June 24, 2006

Campus again...

Its been eons since i wrote last i reckon. Well, I ve finally crossed the portals of a B School now...a new phase, a new life, a new destiny. SIBM it will be for the next two years.

Our induction program that went on for the past two weeks has finally reached its end. Apart from the outbound program that went down really went with all of us, i suppose the rest of it was pure gyan, that we are likely to forget. But then thats what an MBA is supposed to be about like they say. But v ll find out about that in the next two years i reckon.

Its certainly awesome to get back to campus and back to the student life after the mundane and dreary routine at office, albeit a lot different from the engineering days. MBA is certainly not gonna be cake walk with all those zillion assignments to be done all at once, but it ll be a lot more interesting all the same. The nebulous haze that had enveloped me a couple of days back regd the obfuscating choice between an MS at US and MBA in here, has finally lifted now and I do think I made the right choice in sticking to my stand of not going.

The best part of campus life is obviously the people i meet. Cant have friends without studies, so will have to study as well!! Being from varied backgrounds, its a totally ballgame here than was at engineering which i daresay was a mite sheltered.

Anyways, we start classes next week onwards..Looking fwd to that now.

I ll write realms abt the last two exciting weeks, the new phase of life that i entered. But here i sign off.



  1. Great to see you writing again.
    Best of luck in the "assignments" and I hope you do well.

    i also hope you blog regularly. Its a lot of fun and also extremely interesting to read different points of view and different takes on various situations. Blogs help you do that.

    Keep writing.


  2. Thanx guns, for your encouragement. Blogging has caught my fancy off late, i hope i continue writing too.


  3. [:-P]
    LOL, you've stopped again !