Thursday, January 16, 2014

SSS turns six months old!

Yesterday was Makar Sankranti.  A change of season.  The day that heralds spring.  SSS has also moved into a new phase today, she turned six months old!

The first year is replete with counting days and then months. After the first month , every monthly birthday is an occasion till the baby turns One.  The three month and the six month marks are fond occasions as well. It is after three months that the baby sleeps and lets the mom sleep for longer, she starts smiling and responding more, new skills are picked up at great celerity and generally is a ball of cuteness!  After six months, a new phase starts where she starts eating food apart from milk, she recognizes her family, starts learning new things at a break-neck speed, is more interactive than ever before and demanding as well! 

Now we need to buy a whole lot of new stuff!  From the infant to 0-3 months to now 6-12 month category stuff, it all changes!  We now have to buy bigger nappies, larger milk bottles, bigger clothes, newer toys and baby food for her!

I have forgotten the sleepless nights and the difficult first three months entirely.  Her smile every morning lights up the day and we wait to find out what new antics she picks up during the day!

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  1. I am late on this one, Richa. But surely, SSS is a chip of the old block! May God bless her!