Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The A-Z Challenge

It was last year when I heard of this challenge from a group of women bloggers.  26 posts in 26 days for each day of the month of April except Sundays.  That is daunting.  Especially for a person who was struggling to write even 2 posts a month.  And well, that is precisely why I took on this challenge. To help me to get back to writing and reading others blogs!

Between a full-time job, being a Mom and doing everything else at home, I hope I survive this challenge, but forgive me if I can’t!  Look forward to hearing from my readers and encouraging me to keep writing and get this blog alive and kicking again!

Read more on this challenge here -


  1. All the best in your endeavour. Look forward to 26 posts eagerly.

  2. Richa!! This is the first time i am reading your blog and boy are u good!! :-) i am hooked! Bring em on!

    1. Thanks so much Radhika! Look forward to your visits here!