Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Aloha Goa!

A of the AtoZ Challenge

On this first day of the A-Z challenge, I am preening away at my favorite beach destination Goa.   Sunglasses, sunscreen and a Hawaiian mocktail in hand are my weapons to fight the blazing sun. 

I wonder what it is about the beach that attracts millions of people from all across the world.  Perhaps it is the sensation of the waves caressing the skin and retreating, perhaps it is the soothing sound of the waves, perhaps it is the unpolluted cool air breeze, perhaps it is the natural view in the expanse of the sea bereft of buildings and concrete, perhaps it is the slippery sand that is almost as fluid as the water itself, perhaps it is a combination of all these factors that make the seaside a place to relax and rejuvenate.  Goa with several tranquil beaches, as opposed to the noisy Mumbai beaches, offer undisturbed peace that are ideal to de-stress from the distress in Mumbai!

While undisturbed beaches can be found all along Konkan, Goa offers a culture of its own. Beachside shacks, adventure sports to watch or indulge in, Goan food (so what if I am a vegetarian), scenic Portugese bungalows and buildings, winding roads, scenic coconut groves, party places of course, ..at the risk of this blog sounding like a travel advertisement…Goa does have it all for the babies, the kids, the young, the middle-aged and the old!

This is the first vacation that I have taken after the birth of my baby daughter SSS and her first trip to a beach as well.  She has rather enjoyed all the water on the beach, in the kiddie pool and the bathtub and water is all that she wants to be in all day!

A few snapshots from my trip here.


  1. Great place to unwind and forget everything .
    Me yet to go

  2. GOAAA..how I miss the beaches of Goa. Sigh!

  3. Now that makes me want to go to goa NOW!

  4. stress and strain of everyday life just melt away under the warm goan sun.perfect first vacation for SSS

  5. Goa... really perfect place for beach lovers :) Ohh, tht's nice that SSS has enjoyed, she must be happy playing in water

  6. Nature does have the healing power to sooth your frayed nerves.
    A walk along the beach at sunset is especially refreshing
    It is worthwhile to learn that Shivani loved splashing and sporting in water