Thursday, April 10, 2014


I of the A to Z Challenge

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, I wonder if he realized what a revolutionary device he had created.  But I am not here to talk about how the light bulb changed our lives.  It did change the way the world operates and the use it has is just stupendous.

Apart from its daily use, the light bulb has also been used to embellish and illuminate buildings and celebrations.

As the world moves on to energy saving mode, I just wanted to share some pictures of illuminations that have stayed with me. 

The New York Times Square is the most visited illumination perhaps in the world.  Bright hoardings stare at you from everywhere you look at.  If the lights aren't enough to light up your life, the delightful happy atmosphere of photo taking tourists surely will! My very favorite illuminated place!

The Empire State Building as illuminated on occasion of the Indian Independence day makes for a resplendent sight 
Diwali is a time when all buildings in India are done up and dressed in twinkling lights and lanterns to bring in the light into lives and homes

The Disney Castle in Disney world is every girl's fantasy and a reality in the Disney park!

A  delightful parade I can watch over and over again with characters from fairy land prancing about in a jolly atmosphere!

A natural illumination of a beautiful sunset I could not resist posting! 


  1. The Sunrise heralds new beginnings as well !

  2. Oh..the Times Square illumination is breath taking. I can vouch for it anyday. But, nothing can beat Diwali illumination. :)

  3. You saved the best for the last. I liked it.

  4. Loved the post and awesome photographs Richa!

  5. The sunset illumination is ofcourse the best of all. LOVED IT
    loved all the clicks. Empire state bldg on scansion of new year is superb!

  6. These pictures are truly beautiful, and your commentary heightens the effect. One image of beautiful illumination that has stayed with me is the sight of Bombay's heritage buildings being illuminated.

  7. Lovely post richa...loved all the pictures

  8. Lovely pictures of illumination. . I love the last one the most! :)