Monday, April 07, 2014

Fantastic Firsts

F of the AtoZ Challenge

The first everything is special. The first day of college, the first job, the first day of a new job, the first visit to a new city, the first time you take a flight, the first car, the first date, in the spirit of the election time.. the first time you vote, the first phone you buy, the first time you meet your special someone, the first time you buy a many firsts!

Firsts are exciting enough for grown-ups, what to say about babies and their ‘achievements’ read as milestones in baby development parlance.  I am a mom to a 8 month old baby.  The first three months of babies are pretty much spent in sleeping, eating, peeing and pooping.  Once they get used to the fact that they are in a world outside the womb, do they start taking interest in their surroundings and gradually opening up. 

The first smile is a milestone.  The first laugh makes things much more fun.  Then are the firsts in which more strength is required. The first time she will roll over, the first time she will lunge forward, the first time she will sit up, the first time she will stand up, her first independent steps,  and so forth!  Then the first bites come into picture – the first time she eats food apart from milk, her first tooth and so forth.

It is an exciting time for parents and family who cannot help but see how fast she starts growing up.  Look forward to many more firsts for her and for me!

What was/were the Firsts  you have fond memories of?

The first time she stood


  1. I have a lot of "first" memories and they are very special. :)

  2. What a lovely post! A lot of firsts are close to my heart but nothing beats the first cry of both my kids. Really it still remember them. One of the best moments of my life :)

    1. Oh yes. That is another unforgettable!

  3. Too many firsts that I'm fond of. Don't want to try and choose one as the best :)

  4. And first kiss...too many to add to the list.

  5. Every first is many memories dancing through my head....

  6. So many firsts.. hard to choose one :) Good post.

  7. first cry, step, word everything is so precious of our little one..