Tuesday, April 22, 2014

R for Richland Talk

R of the A to Z Blogging Challenge

Yes, that is the name of my blog.  It has been many years since I started blogging and what a fantastic journey it has been! I may not have blogged very regularly in the past, but it has been one of the things I have enjoyed doing.

Richland Talk has been a place to Rave, a place to Rant, a place to Review, a place to Record and a place to write on what I think is wrong or Right! Between home, and office, and a few vacations here and there, I guess, this blog is somewhere ‘different’ that I can go to during my time off.

If I have not thanked you dear Readers earlier for all the support, please let me do it now. Your visits and comments have kept me going and helped me keep this blog alive. It is through this blog that I have discovered so many more amazing writers and friends who I may not have even met, but have formed a connection with.

Dear Reader and Friend, I hope to see you around this space again and again!

1 comment:

  1. Really an innovative way to write the blog on 'R' day and also thank the readers and share the feelings. Great!! Keep it up.