Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kerala - The poster state of Incredible India

K of the A-Z Blogging Challenge

My first visit to Kerala was many years back when I was visiting a food grain processing plant to inspect a ‘paddy-husk boiler’ on a paddy farm.  Back then I didn’t have a mobile with a camera or a camera during my visit to Palaghat or Pallakad as it is known, but some images that have stayed with me from that first visit include a mass of green in every frame, lush paddy fields, a verdant scenery with fields and coconut trees, a lovely natural skyline that I had never seen before in India, and the scenery that completely changed from a picturesque luscious green to an unremarkable brown and green when I crossed the state border.

Many years later when I visited this state, on a very short trip, I found that little had changed. The emerald hues were just as enchanting, and the scenery was just as idyllic unspoiled by ravages of civilization.  This state has much to offer to leisure tourists and with all there is to see and do here, it is little wonder that Kerala is the poster state for Incredible India!

What can you see here and what are the key locations? –

  1. Beautiful vistas of lush green farms – peep outside the window while travelling across the state
  2. Unspoiled beaches – Kovalam, Cherai, Varkala
  3. Pristine Hill stations – Munnar
  4. Tea-gardens - Munnar
  5. Coffee plantations – Wayanad
  6. Houseboats on tranquil backwaters – Alleppey, Kumarakom
  7. Relaxing Ayurveda treatments, - Across the state
  8. Amazing wild-life sanctuaries – Thekkady, Wayanad
  9. Quaint cities – Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur
  10. Exotic Katthakali dance – across the state
  11. Exciting snake boat racing - Alleppey
  12. Majestic temple festivals
  13. Ancient temples – Padmanabhaswami Temple at Tiruvananthapuram, Ayyappan Temple at Sabarimala, Sree Krishna Temple at Guruvayoor

A few glimpses from my brief visit on the back waters of Alleppey –

A Houseboat

Cruising along the backwaters at Alleppey

All grace - A Katthakali Dancer

A walk in the fields

A lotus blooms!


  1. am going to allepey thekkedy and munnar this month end ! What a timely post :) Thanks for this.. Rest of the kerala some other time and those pics r bful !

  2. Lovely post
    i can hardly believe that such a heavenly place exist in India.

    1. There are plenty of heavenly places in India!

  3. I visited Kerela with my parents some years ago...It's a beautiful place indeed...

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  4. I loved reading this post about my state. :) We all feel the difference when the train crosses the border and we start seeing more of brown and not so bright greens :) The luscious green is what I like best about Kerala.

  5. Visited Kerala several years back. A green state indeed. :)

  6. Such a delightful post and what a treat to the eyes! :)