Thursday, April 17, 2014

Off we go..

O of the A to Z Blogging Challenge

There was a time when we used to just dump a few clothes in a backpack and go on the spur of the moment out for the weekend!  Well, gone are those days, and every outing over 1 hour is planned with much packing involved!  A whole list of things needs to be checked on before we dare venture out.  Sterilized milk bottles, milk formula, extra handkerchiefs, wipes, diapers, a clean cloth to put her on, a hat, an extra dress, toys (and just one won’t do), boiled water to prepare her milky concoction are all packed in the bag with much care. For a one night trip to Pune to visit family, SSS hogged one full suitcase space which was three times her size! 

If you plan to pack the bag with the baby around, be prepared to have her pack herself into the suitcase, very helpfully unpack all that you have packed, flee with the bottle of lotion and tuck it away in a corner behind the door, upset a glass of water into her clothes, poop atleast once, try to eat the diaper, and finally, you just dump everything and zip the suitcase hoping all that is required is in there! Of course when you get to your destination, you realize that the all-important baby toiletries bag has been left behind and you have to rush to the medical store to buy everything again!

 And it is not just one bag you pack, her handy travel bag also needs to contain one of everything her big suitcase contains and trust me this is even more important than the big suitcase.
The day you think you’ll just hop across to the neighborhood store without the BAG, she  will not need just a change in the diaper but also a change in clothes! Even if you have just fed her, don’t you think she won’t get hungry again in a few minutes!

Forget the designer bag you bought to match with the shoes.  That has been substituted with the capacious baby bag now! Oh well, one of the few minor sacrifices Mom’s have to make J.


  1. LOL!! Sorry, but cannot help laughing and feeling relieved that those days are behind me!! :D

  2. baap re. This scares the poop err shit out of me. Cute post and shows how challenging it is to be a mom !

  3. The picture i get is one that of a harrased mom trying to make light of things with a sense of humour.
    A lovely post richa

  4. Can so identify with your situation little one being 4 months. Our nomadic lifestyle is completely behind us now for the sheer terror of packing that we need to do for her ;-)

  5. ohhh!! well I can't say what you mean but I will in future :)
    O for Ostracized-Random Thoughts Naba

  6. hahahaha the problems of a mother.
    But I am sure she deserves everything! :)

  7. Ha ! I can relate to this - I have to stand by seeing this bag getting packed, and be pushed around to find odds and ends to add to the bag every time.

  8. Gone are the days we just throw a few things in a backpack and go. I hear you. And with babies, forget it. When mine was a tiny guy, I felt like I might as well stay home.
    Way-to-go choice for letter O.
    Silvia @