Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Voice of a Billion

V of the A to Z Challenge

I know I said that my earlier election post would be the last, but given the election fervor and fever that continues to rage in the country, I can't help but wonder now what is going to happen.

I hope people have Voted.  I wonder if people truly have a Vendetta against the current crop of politicians, or if they want Vengeance on the Vile rulers who have done nothing but Vacillate on key decisions. Can people find a more Virtuous set of rulers who will be Veracious and truly deliver on their promises instead of being merely Vociferous during the elections?

We don't need Vainglorious politicians who in reality have delivered nothing apart from a Vulgar display of their indifference.  We certainly don't need Villains as our rulers who smile during the elections and Viciously loot the country in scam after scam after that. We don't need rulers who don't even have a Vague idea of what they need to do and are only out to line their own pockets. What we need is a Visionary leader who believes in the Vibrancy of India and who can Vigorously embark upon true development with a Viable plan. We need someone who is not perpetually Vexed about how to go forward, and someone who is far more Vocal than our current prime minister.

Who will finally be Victorious in this Vicious competition for Votes? What does the Voice of a Billion people sound like? We will find out on May 16!

Election Commission awards EVM contracts to ECIL, BEL


  1. Like this piece Very much :-)

  2. Very Very Vivacious post :)

  3. What beautiful word play with the letter " V"