Monday, April 14, 2014

LOST: A fantastic television series

L of the A to Z Blogging Challenge

I have never written a blogpost on a tv show earlier, but this is one show I have raved about for long enough to merit a post. 

Touted to be one of the greatest dramas that unfolded on television history by fans, LOST caught the imagination of millions of viewers around the world who were hooked to the adventures of survivors of an Oceanic flight that crashed on an unknown island. With several characters in shades of white, black and grey, and a gripping story with tight editing, LOST was a runaway hit.

A drama interspersed with some science-fiction based on the lives of the survivors of the flight is the theme of the serialized story. Episodes are around the lives of the characters off the island and on the island. After surviving on the island for a few days, the survivors realize that they are not alone and that there are ‘others’ on the island who might want to kill them.  The story veers from the characters onto the secrets of the island in subsequent seasons – on its electromagnetic nature, its healing properties, the propensity to not allow pregnant women who have conceived on the island to survive, how there are people mainland who are desperately searching for the island, etc,

You can read all about the story and characters on Wikipedia so I will not delve deep into it. 

What I liked
What I liked about the story was the gripping storyline that seemed to have and had a finite ending unlike the rambling shows on Hindi TV. However impossible it might seem, the plot was constructed in a seemingly logical way and even made us believe when it shouted out for us to ‘believe’ the impossible parts, A wow location at Hawaii where it was shot was fantastic too. Crisp editing was another strong point. 

However,the greatest asset to the serial was the presence of very strong character roles.  Each of the characters were well suited to the roles they played, from Jack the Doctor, who wanted to always ‘fix’ things, to Ben, the manipulative leader of the ‘others’. My favorite though was ‘Sawyer; the suave conman and Kate the fugitive on the run.

Although the end was debatable and several open ends were not closed, all in all, a great series had ended when it did and the journey through it was enthralling as it was entertaining! I miss a show like that!

Veering back to reality, RIP MH370, the real life Malaysian plane that was never found after its journey on March 8.

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  1. I tried to watch lost but never quite grew to like it..wonder why?

    L for loved-Random Thoughts Naba

  2. Sounds very interesting.Must watch it when it is re telecast !

  3. I also tried to watch. The few episodes were quite intriguing but then I don't know why I stopped enjoying it.

  4. Just watched two seasons of it .its on e of the best TV show.hope to catch up the remaining seasons soon

  5. I'm always slow to catch on to good shows. I guess I'll have to get "Lost" on Netflix.
    Visiting from A to Z~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

  6. Sounds interesting. Have never watched. ..but will definitely try to now.

  7. That's a lovely write-up on a much talked about series. Good job done.

  8. Heard a lot about series but never got tempted. May b I shud watch it some day

  9. We watched the first and second season, at which point we pretty much hated all the characters. We quit. Then a friend told us we HAD to finish, so we pressed on. Needless to say, I loved the series too. It was epic.

    True Heroes A to Z

  10. I have seen bits and pieces from here and there. Not the whole show.