Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Time for Change

T of the A to Z Blogging Challenge

This is my last blog on elections and voting in the A to Z challenge.  Tomorrow is an important day, the day Mumbai goes to vote in the Lok Sabha elections in the biggest democracy of the world.

Why should you vote?
  1. You can avail discounts at enterprises that are promoting voting!
  2. You can take a selfie and post it on facebook, twitter, Instagram and all the social networks you are part of!!!
  3. Get some value from the money that has been spent on the election.  It is your own money you have paid in Taxes.
  4. You don’t think the current government has done enough in developing the country. Roads are still bad, power cuts are still long, education is not for all, security is weak, women are not empowered, jobs are few, corruption was rampant, the neighboring China has skyrocketed its development when we were at the same starting point but we are where we were 10 years back, promises are many but actions are few.
  5. Voting brings about accountability. If the government does not perform, it can be voted out.  If however, it knows people don’t care enough to vote if it performs or not, corruption will continue and development will not.
  6. Each vote makes a difference. Really it does.  If you don’t vote, it increases the chance of a bad candidate to win. Take responsibility for your actions if governance is bad then. Shed the cynicism and vote!
  7. Vote for a candidate or party you think will make for a stable government, a responsible government, and one who you think will bring true development to the country.
  8. You have the right to choose who will rule you. Unlike non-democratic countries where citizens cannot choose who will rule them and may get tyrannical leaders or ineffective leaders, Indians get to choose. It is a privilege no less. 

Your office may or may not have declared a holiday.  You may have a train to catch on the voting day, you may have an important meeting that day…time will never be enough for our routine tasks, but this is an important occasion to celebrate once in five make time for it!  You can start as early as 7:00 a.m. and vote till 5:00 p.m.


  1. Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote

  2. Lovely post Richa...all the best for the elections ;-) Hope the change we all have been waiting for, comes around, finally!

  3. I'm voting tomorrow :) I hope at least Modi sarkar brings about a change


  4. Very relevant post
    on the tv one bridegroom in all his finery was shown casting his vote.Everybody should follow his example

  5. Good post to make all aware of the importance of voting. I feel bad as I have to travel That week :( I wish I opted to vote from any region
    That selfie thhing made me smile

  6. Hope the people who are lethargic will get out to vote this time!